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Speed, Sensitivity, Selectivity – Nanoparticle Analysis using the Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS

Vitesse is our recently unveiled Time-of-Flight ICP-MS. Dr. Phil Shaw presents this series of on-demand webinars –

1. Nanoparticle Analysis using the Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS

2. Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS for laser ablation and imaging applications

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Speed of analysis is important for many laboratories as speed will almost always equate to cost. Speed of analysis is also critical to many analytical techniques as the signal from an item to be measured can be short in duration such as a nanoparticle. We will discuss how speed of measurement can affect different applications and highlight areas where speed is crucial to accuracy and precision.

Sensitivity is generally viewed as crucial for improving precisions in most analyses but the way in which a sample is presented to the instrument and the ability of the instrument to collect data for all analytes of interest without losing information presents more difficulties to the analyst. We will discuss how “real-world” sensitivities can be optimised and considered differently to simple instrument figures of merit from brochures.

Selectivity ensures that accuracy is preserved when there are interferences in the analytical method. We will discuss how Nu Instruments have been pursuing improvements in analyte selectivity to provide higher levels of accuracy to users.

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