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Innovation in Nu Instruments MC-ICP-MS Technology for high Precision Isotopic Analysis

Plasma 3 is a third generation standard Multi Collector ICP-MS offered by Nu Instruments, designed to provide the best possible precision and accuracy for simultaneous isotopic ion detection. The instrument retains the unique variable dispersion Zoom lens enabling the simultaneous measurement of the isotopes of elements from lithium to the actinide series on its static collector array of sixteen Faraday detectors and up to six ion-counting detectors. While continuing to provide the highest precision, accuracy and flexibility that previous generations are renowned for, Plasma 3 adds new refinements and innovations to maintain its position as the instrument of choice for Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Nuclear Research, Archaeology, Forensics, Biochemistry and Biomedical Science.

Sapphire is an innovative Multi-Collector ICP-MS built on the field proven Nu Instruments Multi-Collector ICP-MS platform to add unrivalled capabilities. The Sapphire features high and low energy switchable ion beam paths that enable the user to operate the instrument as a traditional Multi-Collector ICP-MS with no compromise in performance. In addition, the Sapphire can also be switched into Collision-Cell mode, where the ion beam is directed into a hexapole collision cell for the measurement of isotope systems where interferences cannot be resolved using high resolution.

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