Introducing Nu Sil

Introduction - Nu Sil Webinar

Nu Sil is the recently released sample preparation system from Nu Instruments for high precision analysis of silicon isotopes in silica. Nu Sil couples with the Perspective IRMS providing high sample throughput on small samples (a few µg of Si) with an analytical precision and accuracy equivalent to MC-ICP-MS.  All this is contained in a small footprint instrument, with minimal running costs due to its low use of consumables.

Prior to analysis both solid and aqueous silica samples are converted by a straightforward process to barium fluorosilicate (BaSiF6). Nu Sil then operates by automatic thermal decomposition of BaSiF6 to SiF4 gas, which can be analysed by the Perspective IRMS. The Perspective allows easy analysis without matrix and mass discrimination effects commonly found with MC-ICP-MS.

Nu Sil system Perspective coupled with Nu Sil


Webinar Overview

Stephen Rablen from Nu Instruments:

  • Introduction to silicon isotope analysis
  • Si-analysis current techniques
  • Nu Sil description
  • Data presentation

Prof. Mark Brzezinski from UCSB:

  • Sample preparation chemistry: batch conversion of SiO2 to BaSiF6 suitable to be run in the Nu Sil.
  • System performance: precision and accuracy of the system

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