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Introduction to Sapphire

Introduction to Sapphire: On-Demand Webinar

Sapphire from Nu Instruments, is a novel MC-ICP-MS equipped with a dual-path design, including both a conventional MC-ICP-MS (High Energy) pathway and a collision/reaction cell (Low Energy) pathway, designed for high precision isotopic measurements of both classical and novel systems.

The dual path transfer optics retain the high sensitivity of Plasma 3 by extracting the ions at high energy. The ion beam can then be directed along two distinct paths to suit different applications. The ‘dual path’ design allows the cell to be used to remove isobaric interferences for special applications (e.g. Ca, K, S, Ti, V, Cr, Se), and fully bypassed when analyzing classical isotope systems (e.g. Nd, Hf, Pb, U) that do not require removal of interferences. The Sapphire High Energy mode offers uncompromised accuracy and precision identical to a standard Plasma 3 instrument, and the Low Energy mode is revolutionary for high precision measurements of isotope systems that are very difficult and sometimes impossible on a conventional MC-ICP-MS.

Sapphire Dual Path MC-ICP-MS

Webinar Overview

Presented by Dr. Ye Zhao, Isotopic Analysis Product ManagerNu Instruments:

  • Why Collision/Reaction cell?
  • Technical problems on the MC-ICP-MS
  • Technical solution
  • Low Energy applications
  • High Energy applications

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