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Nu Instruments and Elemental Scientific Lasers present their first webinar of the series:

Laser imaging TOF-ICP-MS with Vitesse and imageGEO193: Meeting the need for speed

The first webinar of this series will be presented by Rob Hutchinson, Senior product specialist at Elemental Scientific Laser, and Lukas Schlatt, Vitesse Product manager at Nu Instruments.

Watch for an in-depth look at the workflow from a plume of data from a single laser pulse to a complete multi-elemental megapixel image and all the facets in between.

Focus will be given to the technological advancements in the imageGEO193, including the TwoVol3 laser ablation chamber, high-speed stages and unique sample viewing optics that allow the ESL laser to provide high-quality data and a holistic approach to elemental mapping. The power of the Vitesse LA-TOF-ICP-MS will be shown through multiple examples highlighting Vitesse-specific features to handle extremely fast, multi-elemental acquisition requirements for laser imaging. We will also discuss the seamless communication between ActiveView2 laser control software and NuQuant, providing high-level, bi-directional communication and powerful data processing via Iolite4 for drift-corrected concentration maps and interrogation tools.

This presentation is designed for LA-ICP-MS users or LA-TOF-ICP-MS users who are aware of the TOF-ICP-MS technology but are curious to learn more about the capabilities of this technique for laser imaging, more specifically when coupling lasers from ESL and the Vitesse from Nu Instruments.

For our next webinar beginning of 2024, we will be delighted to invite two of our users to present their work with their ESL laser and Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS :

  • Prof. Gavin Foster, Professor at University of Southampton
  • Prof. John Cottle, Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara


                 imageGEO193 with TV3               Vitesse - Time-of-Flight ICP-MS


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