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Recent advances in collision/reaction cell applications on Sapphire

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Download our webinar to learn about recent advances in collision/reaction cell applications on Sapphire. Along with the published isotope systems, K, Ca, and Fe, we will present use cases of the Sapphire collision/reaction cell for Cu isotope ratio determination using Zn doping, high precision and accuracy Sr isotope ratio measurements, and mass shifting using O2 for U isotopes.

Sapphire from Nu is a next generation Dual Path Multi-Collector ICP-MS with Collision/Rwaction Cell that builds on the field proven Nu Instruments Multi-Collector ICP-MS platform. The collision/ reaction cell allows for removal of interfering species, (thereby) creating new possibilities and accessing novel domains in isotope research.


Learn about the recent advances in collision/ reaction cell applications on Sapphire in this webinar. Simply complete the form to download.

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