White Paper

The TOF Revolution: New solutions for laser ablation, elemental imaging, and multi-element analysis of nanoparticles and single-cells.

Read how the latest Time of flight ICP - Mass Spectrometry technology outperforms quadrupole ICP-MS in key applications.

Today, numerous researchers encounter difficulties when using their quadrupole instruments to tackle emerging analytical applications (such as LA-ICP-MS or nanoparticle analysis with SP-ICP-MS). Despite this, they continue to question whether TOF-ICP-MS instruments are ready for the latest real-life lab challenges. 

Offering a detailed comparison of the capabilities of traditional quad ICP-MS machines and the revolutionary instruments employing the newer TOF-ICP-MS technique such at Vitesse, readers can access key information on how the latest TOF technological improvements may open up whole new areas for analytical exploration. 

Download this white paper now to discover how a revolutionary TOF-ICP-MS instrument such as Vitesse from Nu Instruments offers breakthrough capabilities for evolving new analytical applications.

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