Measuring metal tagged markers and endogenous elements in single cells with Nu Quant and common flow cytometry software

Flow cytometry has proven to be a valuable tool for the analysis of single cells in the field life sciences. Rather than examining cells in bulk, a stream of cells is examined individually for certain analytical parameters, giving much greater insight into a population of cells and allowing robust statistical analysis. The “mass cytometry” technique is now well established where metal labelled antibodies have proven to be a highly efficient tool for the identification of certain proteins in a cell using a time of flight mass spectrometer as a detector. While the identification of cells is possible by these means, the endogenous elements like Fe, Ca, P, are not within the measurable range of the instruments used, so much of the information required to understand the metallomics and metabolomics on a per cell level is lost.

With the introduction of the Vitesse, a technique is now available that can provide all of the information available with the traditional mass cytometry technique whilst simultaneously providing the information from the endogenous elements to broaden the understanding of the cell systems studied.

Download this application note to learn how the Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS can be used to measure metal tagged markers and endogenous elements in individual cells with the reduction of data using Nu Quant and common flow cytometry software packages.

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