Live Webinar

Noblesse HR - Noble Gas Mass Spectrometer
With Guest Speakers:
Dr Evelyn Füri (CRPG Nancy)
Prof Sujoy Mukhopadhyay (UC Davis)

Wednesday 27th of October 2021 5PM CEST

Register to our webinar to discover or learn more about our Noble gas instrument: Noblesse HR. 

Noblesse HR has the ability to determine the isotope ratios of the noble gases with accuracy, flexibility and reliability. Noblesse HR has a design of ion source which allows optimisation of either sensitivity or resolving power, without any moving parts. The instrument’s unique, patented, zoom optics allow instantaneous switching between different isotope sets.

In this Live webinar, Dr John Saxton, our Product manager will give an introductory talk to present briefly Noblesse and discuss the latest developments. This presentation will be followed by two talks by our guest speakers Dr Evelyn Füri from CRPG Nancy (France) and Prof Sujoy Mukhopadhyay from UC Davis (US), who will present their application work with their Noblesse instruments.

Webinar overview:

John Saxton (Nu instruments):

  • Noblesse introduction
  • Fixed collectors and zoom optics
  • Stopping sample consumption and better definition of T0

Dr Evelyn Füri (CRPG Nancy):

  • Use of 3F4M Noblesse-HR at CRPG for nitrogen and noble gas analyses
  • Discussion on configuration: peak jumping mode for He, Multi-collection mode for N2, Ne and Ar
  • Nitrogen abundances obtained from the 14N14N signal, corrected for 28CO contribution

Prof Sujoy Mukhopadhyay (UC Davis):

  • High-precision Ne, Kr and Xe isotopic measurements using the Nu Noblesse HR mass spectrometer. 
  • Discussion on instrument behavior and reproducibility using Ne, Kr and Xe data.
  • Discussion on results of Xe isotopic measurements made using a 5 multiplier Nu Noblesse HR mass spectrometer and Xe isotopic measurements made using a 6 multiplier Nu Noblesse HR mass spectrometer; the 5 multiplier system measures all 9 xenon isotopes in 3 steps while the 6 multiplier system does so in 2 steps.

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