Application Note

Vitesse Time of Flight (TOF) ICP-MS: Live high speed multi-elemental imaging

  • One laser shot per pixel or multiple shots per pixel possible
  • Total automation to acquire multiple images and calibrations in one session
  • Live rendering and manipulation of fully processed and quantified images
  • Automated shutdown and error handling for unattended analysis


ICP-MS has proven to be a powerful analytical tool for laser ablation analysis of a variety of sample types. The Vitesse TOF-ICP-MS collects mass spectra at over 39kHz and stores processed data to disk at up to 12,800 spectra/second meaning multiple data points can be averaged for each laser pulse, even for sub-millisecond washout times using the latest imaging ablation chambers. This note will describe the way in which this huge amount of data is reduced to individual pixels of an image. It will also describe how the data acquisition is automated for supported laser ablation systems and how the image can be calculated and rendered in real-time as it is being acquired. Finally, the note will show the methods available for image display and saving of images for use elsewhere.

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