Speed, Sensitivity, Selectivity.

Optimizing instrumental, data collection and signal processing parameters for single particle analysis of nanoparticles in real samples using the Vitesse time of flight ICP-MS

ICP-MS has proven to be a powerful analytical tool for the measurement of nanoparticles using the Single Particle mode. Vitesse applications note NT01 - 'Multi-element analysis of individual nanoparticles using Vitesse' describes the use of ICP-TOF-MS to measure multiple elements in individual nanoparticles and then generate useful representations of elemental distributions in different ranges of particles. To improve the quality of data reported, measurements need to be filtered to remove falsely identified signals, falsely identified element coincidences within particles and errors in particle size and particle number reporting that can arise from signal overlaps. This application note will describe the tools provided with the Nu Quant data processing software to improve the quality of single particle ICP-MS measurements.

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