Horizon 2

Nu Ember EA

With ever-increasing workloads and decreasing margins, a robust, efficient, and low-cost solution is required to cope with the demands of a modern IRMS lab for stable isotopes analysis. A variety of sample types and varying elemental concentrations requires a solution that can be adaptable to each application and provide high-quality data without the need for involved user input. The Nu Instruments Ember EA coupled with the Horizon 2 IRMS allows for sample acquisition of a variety of sample types from solid to viscous to liquid. Wide differences in elemental concentrations are adjusted for utilizing the sample dilution system, a standard feature of the Horizon 2 mass spectrometer reference gas injection system.

Designed to enable higher throughput, robust analysis, and facilitate maintenance, the Nu Ember Elemental Analyser features :
  • Fully software automated
  • Dual Furnace Design – Allows for easy switching between CNS and OH applications with the High Temperature (HT) option
  • Large GC oven – Space for up to 3 GC columns
  • Super sensitive TCD with low noise baselines
  • Auto Gas Save – Can automatically enter gas save at the end of a suite of samples saving expensive helium gas
  • Fully configurable setup – Allows for maximum efficiency of consumables
  • Smart Oxygen Injection – Uses minimal amount of O2 required for full sample combustion
  • NuBus II - Nu’s bespoke high speed comms protocol
For more details on the Nu Ember coupled with the Horizon 2 IRMS please fill up the form on the right hand side to download the information pack containing :
  •        Product overview
  •        Horizon 2 brochure
  •        Technical note: Automated analysis of Unknown sample for CN determination
  •        Technical configuration


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