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Astrum GD-MS for High Purity Material Analysis

Astrum for characterisation of high purity materials 

Glow discharge mass spectrometry (GD-MS) is recognised as one of the ultimate techniques for the characterisation of high purity materials. It is capable of quantifying virtually all elements from lithium to uranium, and from matrix to sub ppb. The Astrum from Nu Instruments combines a glow discharge ion source with a high resolution mass spectrometer and is a major step forward in GD-MS, from the cryo-cooled tantalum source/cell and rapid sample changeover system through to the bespoke control software. The durable construction of the instrument and proven source design give maximum uptime with minimal intervention. 

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Webinar Overview 

Presented by Dr. Benoit Disch, Astrum GD-MS Product Manager, Nu Instruments: 

  • Principle of GD-MS 
  • Sample analysed 
  • Typical data  
  • Main features of Astrum GD-MS 

Astrum ES - GD-MS

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